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Who we are and what we do

If you ask us “who is Alpine Health and what do you do?”, we’d probably say that our mission is to make the world just a little bit less cranky. (I know, we’re laughing too.) But if you think about it, the issues that challenge us most, from feeling socially isolated to dealing with substance abuse and lack of sleep, all stem from the stress we feel all day, every day. 

We founded Alpine Health to help everyone achieve wellness, whatever that looks like for them. We meet people where they are. We listen. We create communities and connections. We provide one on one counseling and science-based tools to help people create their own plan of action. Whether it’s feeling better through improved nutrition or meditative stress management techniques, we’ve got you covered. 

Your roadmap to wellness:

  1. We listen

  2. You set your goal(s)

  3. We point you to the tools and methods you can choose to use

  4. You take steps at your own pace

  5. We follow and support you

  6. You grow


Our Leadership

So who are we? We’re healthcare professionals who have dedicated our lives and careers to helping others improve their health and wellbeing. Dr. Jordana Rothschild is a preventive medicine doctor who helps patients prevent and manage chronic illness through lifestyle medicine. Dr. Erika Rappaport is a psychologist who deals with the effect of the constant cycle of stress and anger and how it gets passed down from stressed out parents to stressed out kids. We have both been practicing these techniques in our own lives, and have experienced the benefits firsthand. 

We believe that healthy people feel better, and we want to help you feel better too. We’re bringing our experience, training, and scientific knowledge to help you feel better and conquer your biggest wellness challenges. 

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