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Dr. Erika Rappaport, PsyD

Co-Founder and Chief Mental Health Officer

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Dr. Erika Rappaport, PsyD

Co-Founder and Chief Mental Health Officer

At Alpine Health, we have a favorite story about Dr. Erika Rappaport. 


Dr. Erika is a school psychologist who is passionate in her belief that every single person has the power to learn how to manage stress, face uncomfortable emotions, and change behavior.  She knows that the key is providing user-friendly tools that matter to people.

In the early days of this mind-body collaboration, a unique program was created for a group of people in a complicated medical and social setting.


And they hated it. 


So Dr. Erika met with them, heard their feedback, and revamped the program. This time was better, but not good enough.  


She met with them again, and revamped it again.  


Over and over. Until it was just right, and exactly what they needed. 


And they loved it.  


And it helped them.  


And they came to us at the end and told us how much it had impacted their lives - both the program itself, and the fact that Dr. Erika didn’t give up on them.


Dr. Erika is not afraid to let go of what isn’t working and completely start from scratch, as many times as it takes, to make sure that she’s doing her absolute best for those around her. 


Here at Alpine Health, she creates mental health and mind-body programming, meets patients individually, and runs group programs.  She will do whatever it takes to reach out to you, going above and beyond to connect with you on your terms, and make sure that whatever you really need is being addressed.


Education and Training:

Dr. Erika T. Rappaport is a school psychologist who has worked with parents of children of all ages. She holds a doctorate (Psy.D.) in School and Community Psychology from Hofstra University, where she also earned a Master's degree and Advanced Certification in the same field.  Her dissertation focused on the effect of mindfulness training on stress levels in parents of early adolescents, finding that practicing mindfulness reduced stress levels and improved perceived relationship quality.
Prior to her work at Alpine, she collaborated with Dr. Jordana to provide mindfulness training for backstretch workers as well as for federal employees at a national laboratory.
She's also held a variety of volunteer positions, including as a video-mentor for students in South Africa and with a local organization aimed to provide workshops and learning opportunities for parents and children. 


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