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Helping the Helpers: Why this 41 year old mom of 3 decided to join the US Army.

Each year on Labor Day, my thoughts are with the American workers.

I think of my grandfather, who fought so hard for workers rights after growing up as an orphan in Brooklyn.

I think of my patients, who risk their health and safety to work the dangerous jobs that build this country.

Workers who just want to earn an honest living, provide for their families, do some good in the world, and maybe enjoy their lives a bit in the process.

Through my career as an Occupational Medicine doctor, my job has been to care for the workers. To keep them safe and healthy enough to do their jobs, and to keep them healthy enough to live their lives beyond those jobs.

It is through this work that I’ve been privileged to have so many patients who’ve been veterans and first responders.

I adore them. I respect them. And nothing brings me greater pride than to care for the people who care for our country.

The men and women who choose service over safety.

They’re not afraid to work hard, with the goal of protecting others. They are the helpers, they are the givers, so often neglecting their own needs to care for others.

And now I can proudly join their ranks.

As an Army Reserve Physician, I will take care of and protect the people who spend their lives helping others.

I get to help the helpers.

What does this mean for Alpine?

Don’t worry, I’m not forgetting about you. As an Army Reserve Physician, I will have intermittent trainings and assignments, but I won’t be away for extended periods of time.

I will always let you know in advance if I’ll be away, and Dr. Erika will be here to answer any questions that come up in the meantime.

So what happens next?

For now, I’m still “awaiting orders.”

But I promise, I’ll keep you posted.

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